Friday, 24 January 2014

Computer Virus- A Threat to be Removed

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A computer virus is an unwanted program in the computer which disturbs its functionality and slows down the speed of the device. It is important for the computer users to understand how the viruses enter the device and should know the ways to remove the computer viruses.

A computer virus is malicious software that is designed to spread from one computer to another and to interfere within the computer operations. A virus can damage the functions of the infected computer to a large extent. It might corrupt or delete the data on your computer or even erase everything on your hard disk. A computer virus spreads through any medium of exchange of the digital data such as computer networks, CD-ROMs, USB keys, etc. The viruses reach computers along with the attachments of funny images, greeting cards, audio & video files via the email messages and they also come from downloading of the movies, music, illegal programs and most of all are from the pornographic material.

When you download and run an infected program on your computer; you do not realize that along with it a virus enters your computer but you might notice that something is wrong with your computer. Following are a few major indications which show that your computer might be infected:

• The speed of the computer slows down
• The computer stops responding or locks up often
• Installed applications on the computer run incorrectly
• The disks or disk drives become inaccessible
• Computer crashes suddenly and restarts every few minutes
• Computer gives strange error messages
• Distorted menus and dialog boxes come out
•Computer restarts on its own unnecessarily
• Printing issues and unwanted pop ups emerge
• Exe files occur & have same names as the file names

The viruses affecting the functionality of the computer need to be removed. The fastest and easiest way to Clean computer viruses is to run antivirus software. It is very important for the computer users to have a virus removal tool installed to secure their computer. The process to remove virus using antivirus software is very simple. Firstly, make sure that you have saved and shut down all the running programs and applications before running the antivirus software. This is because of the reason that most of the antivirus software programs require a reboot of your PC in order to disable the process of the virus. Then, you need to scan your computer with the antivirus software which removes the detected viruses.

The antivirus software is an amazing solution for your computer. It removes every hindrance from your path and provides you with regular updates to remain safe online. The efficient antivirus software knows How to fix a slow computer and acts as a catalyst to speed up your computer. Everyone searches for the best antivirus software to bring effective ways to eradicate viruses.  The antivirus installed should be attuned with the software on your computer. The computer virus removal software has many inbuilt capabilities which not only removes away the harmful viruses but effectively scans your computer & keeps it protected throughout its installation. You should always update the latest antivirus software on your computer.

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Friday, 10 January 2014

Remote Computer Repair

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