Thursday, 17 April 2014

Windows Remote Assistance

Do you use the windows operating system on your work computer? Yes, you do, more than 90 per cent of all computers in the world use it. And if that is the case, have you ever known that your operating system actually comes with a native 'Windows Remote Assistance' capability? The remote assistance feature is one that lets someone, on another PC possibly some miles away to access yours over a network and actually do stuff on it - without being physically behind the computer. It is a simply amazing technique. What is interesting is that this is not limited to a local area network, but that it is also something that can be done on a wide area network.

To get your computer repaired; you have always had to travel to the nearest repair store. Alternatively, you always have to call the tech guy to come over. And further on, chances are that you are likely to have always spent some amounts of money on the transport element and quite a bit of time getting to the tech guy's place or getting the tech guy to come to your place. In addition, chances are that some of the troubles would have turned to be software troubles, which the technician is able to sort without handling any hardware bit of your computer. At an organization level, the amount of money and time spent in this way can be simply huge.

How to Fix a Slow Computer 

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